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Whether you are looking to keep a lawn simply maintained, or going all the way of creating a whole new look; or need a related service, we are here to help

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We understand that quality and reliability are important, as well as time and your bottom dollar, and to that end we work hard to accommodate you in your goals while performing work that everyone is satisfied with.


Landscaping and lawn care are our primary service, however similar services can also be negotiated.

Carefully Planned

In an attempt to create the best experience for everyone, we sometimes bring in trusted partners and advisors as well as always using our onboard experience to ensure a high standard of quality.


We believe that in a finicky world, reliability is at the top of everyone’s list of expectations. We always show up, we always keep high performance standards.


Quality is our number 1 concern. If you can’t take pride in your work, why waste the effort at it, right?


Landscaping & Lawn Care

We are a Chugiak company licensed in the state of Alaska. We provide quality work & services including lawn care, clean up, snow removal, and limited landscaping in the Matsu Valley to Anchorage communities. Additional services are available upon request.

Jeff Clark, Owner

“Landscaping and Lawn care is an art, something that is seen and noticed. As an art, it’s important to do an outstanding job that one can be proud of.” 

Jeff Clark

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